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Chiping Xinzhi High Metal Precision Products Co., Ltd. is located in the high-end industrial gathering area of Shandong Liaocheng Xinfa, with a total investment of more than 20 million yuan, with an annual output of 10,000 tons of various precision castings. The project was approved by the Luping County Development and Reform Bureau in December 2017, and was approved by the County Environmental Protection Bureau in May 2018.

From the point of operation of the project, the company adheres to the development philosophy of “Let the quality of reputation be higher and farther”, adheres to the high starting point planning and design, and selects high-standard equipment, and insists on the refinement of management with high coverage and full coverage. It adopts the advanced equipment with the highest degree of automation in the country, the most energy-saving and environmental protection, and specializes in producing all kinds of stainless steel and alloy steel according to various customer needs. Special steel hardware accessories, vehicle accessories. Precision castings such as valve fittings and mechanical parts, strive to create a benchmark of domestic precision casting industry with safety, environmental protection, reputation first, quality first-class and continuous improvement, and provide first-class products and services to customers.

Jia Hongquan, the chairman of the company, sincerely welcomes friends from all walks of life to come to visit and discuss cooperation.

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