• Stainless steel pump is about to become a pioneer in China's pump industry

    Beijing time on August 14th news, according to foreign media MacRumors reported that people familiar with the matter said that Apple and IBM joined forces to enter the enterprise market to make competitors feel a huge threat. But before joining IBM, Apple also talked with HP, trying to develop a "enterprise Siri" mobile search product. Apple has collided with HP research and development company Siri (picture from btnet). The news said that Apple had contacted HP to discuss how to integrate Sir in the latter's products.

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  • How to maintain berth accessories?

    Mooring accessories, also known as mooring equipment, are important ship facilities that firmly anchor ships in wharfs or other environments. With the vigorous development of modern shipping industry, the utilization rate of marine mooring accessories is increasing year by year. So how should we maintain these mooring accessories in our normal use? Today let's take a look at the common maintenance methods of marine mooring accessories.

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  • What are the characteristics of ship spare parts manufacturing?

    With the development of society and the progress of science and technology, China's shipbuilding level has stepped into the world's leading ranks, not only in a large number of types, but also in military and civilian ships in the manufacturing technology level is also greatly ahead of other countries, so that people feel proud. Referring to the shipbuilding industry, people will also link the manufacture of ship parts, because the relationship between the two is inseparable. Next, the technicians of Nanjing Jingyun Ship Parts Company will elaborate the characteristics of ship parts manufacturing for you.

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