How to maintain berth accessories?

2019-04-24 17:27:16 1

Mooring accessories, also known as mooring equipment, are important ship facilities that firmly anchor ships in wharfs or other environments. With the vigorous development of modern shipping industry, the utilization rate of marine mooring accessories is increasing year by year. So how should we maintain these mooring accessories in our normal use? Today let's take a look at the common maintenance methods of marine mooring accessories.


Maintenance should be divided into two types, one is regular inspection and maintenance of marine mooring accessories. At regular intervals, cable cars and winches should be regularly inspected, including their wear and corrosion, as well as drum damage, wear and corrosion. Operate the controller in order to know its water tightness, see if its rotating part remains flexible and light, and do a good job of adding lubricating oil. The material of cable should be checked for breakage and rust. If it is plant fibre cable, it should also be observed whether mildew has occurred.


In addition, before each voyage departure, it should be checked once to determine whether the mooring accessories can work properly to ensure the safety of the ship's navigation. Check whether the eye rings on deck are corroded or worn, check the deformation and corrosion of the chain, and spray rust-removing paint in time. Some parts with severe wear and deformation should be replaced in time. In peacetime, we should keep the habit of checking the wear, rust and wire breakage of cables frequently, and check whether the skidding, handlebars and mouseboards are complete and damaged. If they are damaged or lost, new ones should be replaced in time.


Above is the relevant suggestions on how to maintain the mooring accessories. I believe that you should have a corresponding understanding after reading. If you have any questions or ideas about marine mooring accessories, please feel free to consult Credible High Metal Precision Products Co., Ltd.